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Magisk v20.4

Magisk v20.3

Magisk v20.2

Magisk v20.1

Magisk v20.0

Magisk v19.4

Magisk v19.3

Magisk v19.2

Magisk v19.1

Magisk v19.0

Magisk v18.1

Magisk v18.0

Magisk v17.3

Magisk v17.2

Magisk v17.1

Magisk v17.0

Magisk v16.7

Magisk v16.6

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Magisk Manager v7.5.1

Magisk Manager v7.5.0

Magisk Manager v7.4.0

Magisk Manager v7.3.5

Magisk Manager v7.3.4

Magisk Manager v7.3.2

Magisk Manager v7.3.1

Magisk Manager v7.3.0

Magisk Manager v7.2.0

Magisk Manager v7.1.2

Magisk Manager v7.1.1

Magisk Manager v7.1.0

Magisk Manager v7.0.0

Magisk Manager v6.1.0

Magisk Manager v6.0.1

Magisk Manager v6.0.0

Magisk Root Changelog

Magisk 20.1

  • [MagiskSU] This will support component name agnostic communication (for stub APK)
  • [MagiskHide]This will scan zygote many times
  • [MagiskBoot]This will give proper header_size in boot image headers (This will fix vbmeta error on Samsung devices)
  • [MagiskInit]This will help to recover images without /sbin/recovery binary. This can fix some A/B devices unable to boot to recovery after flashing Magisk
  • [General] Move acct to avoid daemon killed
  • [General] Ensure “–remove-modules” can be executed after removal

Magisk 19.4

  • [MagiskInit] [initramfs] Lag in sbin overlay creation to post-fs-data
  • [MagiskInit]This will insert overlay.d help for root directory overlay for new system-as-root operation
  • [MagiskInit] [SARCompat] Earlier system-as-root operation is derogated, no more any future changes
  • [MagiskInit] [2SI] This will support 2-stage-init for A/B devices (Pixel 3 Android 10)
  • [MagiskInit] [SAR] This will Boot system-as-root devices with the system mounted as /
  • [MagiskSU] This will block every signal in root shells (fix bash on Android)
  • [MagicMount] This will support replacing files in /product
  • [MagiskHide] Every arbitrary string now also have random length
  • [MagiskHide] This will support Android 10’s Zygote blastula pool
  • [MagiskBoot] This will support some weird Huawei boot images
  • [MagiskBoot]This will allow no recompression for ramdisk.cpio
  • [General] This will support Android 10 new APEX libraries (Project Mainline)
  • [General]This will insert a new “–remove-modules” command to delete modules without root in ADB shell

Magisk 19.1

  • [General]This will support Android Q Beta 2
  • [General]This will support recovery based Magisk
  • [MagiskInit] This has new sbin overlay setup process for advance compatibility
  • [MagiskInit]This will allow long pressing volume up to boot to recovery in recovery mode
  • [MagicMount]This will use self-created device nodes for mirrors
  • [MagicMount]This will use proper system_root mirror
  • [MagicMount]This will not give access to add new files/folders in the partition root folder (e.g. /system or /vendor)

Magisk 19.0

  • [General]This will support non EXT4 system and vendor partitions
  • [General]This will support A only system-as-root devices which have been released with Android 9.0
  • [General] Usage of magisk.img has removed.
  • [General]Introduced 64 bit magisk binary for native 64 bit support
  • [MagiskHide]This has target per-application component
  • [MagiskHide] This will use Zygote practicing for monitoring new processes
  • [MagiskPolicy]This will support Android Q new split sepolicy setup
  • [MagiskInit]This will support Android Q (but no logical partition support yet)
  • [MagiskInit] This will move sbin overlay creation from main daemon post-fs-data to early-init
  • [MagiskInit]This will directly inject magisk services to init.rc
  • [General] Service scripts now run in parallel
  • [MagicMount]This will clone attributes from the original file if there are any
  • [General]This will use skip_mount contrary to auto_mount: from opt-in to opt-out
  • [MagiskSU]This will use ACTION_REBOOT bounding to workaround some OEM broadcast restrictions

Magisk 18.0

  • This will modify the database naturally without going through Magisk Manager
  • This will migrate all code base to C++
  • This will detract path /sbin/.core, please start using /sbin/.magisk
  • This will remove naturally systemless hosts (Magisk Manager is updated with a built-in systemless hosts module)
  • This will boot scripts that are moved from < magisk_img>/.core/< stage >.d to /data/adb/< stage>.d
  • This will use component names instead of process names as targets
  • This will allow module scripts to disable/remove modules
  • This will remove the folder /.backup to avoid recognition
  • This will introduce procfs protection on SDK 24+ (Nougat)
  • This will add “–status” option to CLI
  • This will stop unmounting non-custom related mount points
  • Hide list feature is now stored in the database instead of raw textfile in images
  • This will fix a bug causing SIGWINCH not properly recognized
  • Introduce FLAG_INCLUDE_STOPPED_PACKAGES in broadcasts to force wake Magisk Manager
  • This will eliminate entire AUDITDENY rules after patching sepolicy to log all denies for debugging
  • This will support new av rules: type_change, type_member
  • This will try to repair broken v1 boot image headers
  • This will properly support extra_cmdline in boot headers
  • Introduce new CPIO command: “exists.”
  • This will repair broken v1 boot image headers

Magisk 17.3

  • [Scripts]This will update data encryption detection for advance custom recovery support
  • [Scripts]This will switch hexpatch to delete Samsung Defex to a more general pattern
  • [Daemon]This will avoid bootloops in situations where /data is mounted twice
  • [Daemon]This will prevent logcat issues when /system/bin is magic mounting, might cause MagiskHide to fail
  • [MagiskSU] No more linked lists for caching su_info
  • [MagiskSU]Introduce early ACK to avoid client freezes and early denies
  • [MagiskSU] Introduce parse command-lines in client side and deliver only options to daemon
  • [MagiskBoot]This will support boot image header v1 (Pixel 3)

Magisk v17.1/17.0

  • [MagiskHide]This will kill all processes with same UID of the target to workaround OOS embryo maximization
  • [MagiskSU] This will make pts sockets always run in dev_pts secontext, maintaining all terminal emulator root shell the same power as adb shells
  • [MagiskInit]This will move every sepolicy patches pre-init to prevent Pixel 2 (XL) boot service breakdown
  • [Daemon]This will support non ext4 filesystems for mirrors (system/vendor)
  • [Script]This will enable KEEPVERITY while the device is using system_root_image
  • [Script]This will delete system based root in addon.d
  • [Script]This will introduce hexpatch to delete Samsung defex in the latest Oreo kernels

Magisk v16.6

  • [ImgTool] This will use our own set of loop devices which has hidden along side with sbin tmpfs overlay. This will not only exclude another available detection method, but alsot this fixes applications that mount OBB files as loop devices (Thanks goes to dev of Pzizz for informing this issue)
  • [ImgTool] This will separate entire ext4 image related movement to a new applet called “imgtool”
  • [ImgTool] This will use definite free space calculation methods
  • [MagiskSU] This will simplify su_info caching system, should use less computing power and resources.
  • [MagiskSU] This will scale down the amount of broadcasting to Magisk Manager
  • [MagiskHide] This will contrast mount namespace with PPID to ensure the namespace is literally separated and fix root loss
  • [MagiskInit] This will support recognising block names in upper case (Samsung)
  • [MagiskBoot] This will detect DTB headers to avoid false detections within kernel binary
  • [Daemon] This will support GSI adbd bind mounting
  • [Daemon] This will introduce new daemon: magisklogd, a dedicated daemon to manage entire logcat relevant monitoring
  • [Daemon] This will check whether a valid Magisk Manager is installed on boot, if not, install stub APK embedded in magiskinit
  • [Daemon] This will detect whether Magisk Manager is repackaged (hidden), and avoid malware from hijacking com.topjohnwu.magisk
  • [Scripts] This will fix custom recovery console output in addon.d
  • [General] This will introduce wrapper script to overcome weird LD_XXX flags set in apps
  • [General] This will avoid bootloop while flashing Magisk after full wipe on FBE devices

Magisk Manager Changelog

Magisk Manager 7.4.0

  • This will hide Magisk Manager with stub APKs on Android 9.0+
  • This will provide customizing app name when hiding Magisk Manager
  • This will fix fingerprint UI infinite loop
  • This can be generated arbitrary keys to sign the hidden Magisk Manager to avoid signature recognitions

Magisk Manager 7.3.4

  • Consist of new downloading system
  • The App has now fully written in Kotlin!
  • Introduced new “Recovery Mode” to Advanced Settings

Magisk Manager 7.1.2

  • This has a much better module downloading mechanism
  • This will support patching Samsung AP firmware

Magisk Manager 7.1

  • This will fix the bug which causes repackaging to lose settings
  • This will fix several UI fixes
  • This will support per-application component granularity MagiskHide aims (only on v19+)
  • This will ask for fingerprint prior deleting rules if enabled
  • This will support the latest module format

Magisk Manager 6.1.0

  • Introduce many new notifications for better user experience
  • Introduce support for Magisk v18.0
  • Introduce new downloading options: usage of buggy system Download Manager is no longer in process
  • Introduce built-in systemless hosts module (access in settings)
  • This will change application name to “Manager” after hiding(repackaging) to avoid app name recognition
  • This will auto-launch the newly installed app after hiding(repackaging) and restoring Magisk Manager
  • This will the fix bug which causes incomplete module.prop in modules to have improper UI
  • This will ask storage permissions before patching stock boot image
  • This will handle crashes when inserting MagiskHide section on some devices
  • Introduce update of using new online module’s organizing method
  • Introduce update for dark theme CardView color
  • This will remove support to Magisk version lower than v15.0
  • When fingerprint authentication is enabled, Toggling root permissions in “Superuser” section now needs fingerprint beforehand
  • This will avoid any files to be downloaded to /sdcard/MagiskManager
  • This will move fingerprint settings to magisk database to avoid the settings to be quickly deleted
  • This will verify existing file checksums to avoid unrelated re-downloads
  • This will support new process for installing to inactive slot for OTAs on A/B devices
  • This will intoduce no more on boot notifications
  • This will fix restoring Magisk Manager settings on Android
  • This will introduce update on SNET extension to use new Google API, fix “Invalid Response” errors
  • With introducing Magisk Manager v5.9.1, fingerprint settings have secured with fingerprint verification before it could get changed

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